The PRS Team Champions of Compliance and Community

Home is more than a floor plan … it’s an environment that’s shaped by people regardless of economics; and by promoting the idea of “community,” we initiate transformation on a broad scale.

  – Executive Director, JOT Couch


Jot Couch

Executive Director

Ellie Fanning

Managing Director

Melinda Frazer

Director of Business Development

Lisa Hess

Director of Administration

Nicole Toscano

Community Service Director

Administrative Team

Nancy Salazar

Human Resources Coordinator

Nynette Ruvalcaba

Human Resources Recruiter

Hector Reyna

Systems Administrator

Debbi Danley


Shannon Gray

Administrative Business Development

Deloren Maier

Compliance Specialist

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3701 Kirby Drive, Suite 860 Houston, TX, 77098


PRS Board Members

Gloria Sanderson – President | Casey Carson – Vice President | Darlene Guidry – Secretary | Mike Clark – Treasurer Emilio Nicolas | Joel Shannon | JOT Couch | Susan Thompson Dunn | Shirley Brooks | Stephanie Graves | Dean O’Kelley | Jim Nutter