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Portfolio Resident Services, Inc. (PRS) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality social assistance to residents of affordable housing communities through programs designed to raise culture and family standards.

PRS designs, staffs, implements, and tracks programs that proactively assist residents in both the short and long term. Our efforts focus on not only meeting LURA requirements but building community within the properties we serve. This translates into a higher cash flow by reducing expenses and stabilizing occupancy.

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What Makes PRS Unique

  • Consistent, High Quality Programs +

    Our Resident Services Coordinators engage residents with a combination of high quality programs which aim to enhance the lives of your residents and improve your community overall.

    Pulse Points

    These programs include over 150 programs covering foundational topics vital to resident and property growth. Some examples include: Budgeting, Credit Counseling, Crime Watch, House Keeping, Energy & Water Conservation, After School Club, Resume & Job Search Assistance and much more. Our coordinators utilize these programs to ensure that every property receives the very best programming we have to offer.

    Enhanced Pulse Points

    PRS has also implemented a premium set of programs which combine the power of video with the profound impact of discussion and hands on interaction to teach new skills, change attitudes and explore the possibilities. These focused programs hone in on issues such as teen self-esteem, community building, planning for future success, and giving back.

    Property Specific Programming

    Each Resident Services Coordinator also incorporates programs which are unique to a property's individual needs. We realize that your property has its own culture, strengths and struggles and our coordinators are trained to recognize and meet those needs.
    Our primary goal is to provide your property with the most beneficial resident services program possible.
  • Performance Tracking +

    Our sophisticated software system is instrumental in delivering a uniform, high quality level of service throughout our portfolio along with monitoring trends, such as resident participation, donations, and successes.
  • Compliance Management +

    PRS handles all compliance reporting requirements, from ensuring supportive services in the LURA document have been met, to verifying all applicable documentation is complete and accessible.
  • Experience & Collaboration +

    Having modeled and refined resident services since 2006, and with its signature Good Neighbor Program, PRS has become one of the largest third-party providers in the nation.

    PRS believes strongly in collaboration with outside community resources, agencies and non-profits. We currently work with over 50 organizations to provide residents with benefits like utility assistance, food services programs and back to school supplies.
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